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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time is a douche, but hey I'm back >P

Working on a drinking card game. Gonna release a little beta example once the cards are finished.

Finally broke through the next chapter of XNA. I've made moving objects, animated them, controlled them via keyboard/mouse/xbox controller and set a vibrate function to indicate when the object is moving at its fastest speed. Covered collisions so basically when you move your ball into the black ball of death, the game ends.

Progress bitches! Now I'm off to reanimate the Harlem globetrotters with my newfound superpowers.

Words from a man who dived to the bottom of a bottomless pit and combined momentum and his sheer awesomeness to fly back out.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zanarkand Abes Take The Spira Cup!

Tonight's Blitzball finals pitted the Besaid Aurochs against their dreaded rivals the Al Bhed Psyches! In what can be called a monumental standstill neither side scored a single goal the entire game. That is until the last two minutes of the second half, where the Abes star player Tidus scored the only goal of the night with his Magnificent Jecht Shot Mark III. A stunning backflip out of the field and he sent the ball flying into his opponents before ricocheting it into the goal. This is Tidus's first year playing with the Aurochs, let alone the first year he's played professional blitzball. Needless to say he's caused quite an uproar in the stands and on the field since his arrival. Both MVP and holder of the game-winning shot, all of Spira looks forward to seeing him next season.


Words from a man who awaits summer to continue his XNA ventures. -_-;

Thursday, February 17, 2011

And muffins!

Nearly finished with graphics chapter, been stressing workload, here's little Christine, isn't she just daahhhling?

Words from a man who drank the almighty Thirstquencher, and was still thirsty.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Corporate Bitches Be Wantin My Mad Skillz

Yes, some grand company wants my talents. I'm becoming busier preparing for this enterprise, that damned XNA is off in the distance, curled up, like the hamster-thingamashit I never fed. It's virtually double what I made before, and for some godlike reason, one of the higher ups liked my resume particularly. I am full of excite. I WILL PROGRESS THIS VIDYA DAMN IT.

Words from a man who bleeds awesome and barfs success.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Incredibly busy, time and nature, fools of us all. Ladies you will never know the feeling when as a toilet seat suddenly drops your hand miraculously saves ur junk, but you find someone peed on bottom of the seat, now liquid fresh in hand. -.-
Tuesday will be betterz.
Words from a man who beat his dreams to pulp, only to consume them anew.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Eternal battle against numbers...

Have been put into the stand still by many assignments.

Here is some tshirt contest entry.

Words from a man who broke his fail bone. Twice.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

L( - , -)I


Whole lotta nothing here. Career fair preparations and heavy mathematics eating my soul.
Lots inspi doe, shit illin, fierce soon.

Words from a man who jibba jabbed the fliggity flack like a bombshell blammin olfactorizzies.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're Back Online! >:D

 Having nothing but a tablet helped me work on my spriting, but really it was just an excuse to be lazy. Got a shit ton of blogs to visit, oh and I detailed this mountain in mah spur tiem. Next, next, post will be tremendo, as I'm visiting large job fair at University seeking new employment to hone coding abilities.

Words from a man who sunk Atlantis and then made it fictional.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Really Rosewill?

 writing on my tablet. No updates until. new key board mouse replacements arrives. Progress halted =<

Words.... -.-

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day missed. Lament. Okay.

Day missed. Lament. Okay.

Programming assignment destroyed. I have little relevance on my progress. The hours in my day have expired. Algorithms, mathematical formulas are used to animate 2d images. That's some intense shit right there, considering 3 dimension images, and the soon to be 3-d 3 dimensional images via 3ds, but these Asians, they will be defeated.

Words from a man who punched his way out of three paper bags, on fire.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

C# MUTHAFU#$A, do you speak it?

I've finished the spriting chapter, and well here's where most of the spriting disappears until large amounts of progress are achieved. Actual programming assignments are pending and the masks are running overdue. The first one is finished, images tomorrow. :D

Words from a man who invented the round-house kick.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Drowning On Destiny Island

Not much progress today, my mind feels like a scattered bag of marbles. Family requests also piled up today. In other news, homebrew programmers for the psp can delight as the latest security 6.35 has been reconfigured to operate with homebrew. Listening to Kingdom Heart's soundtrack lately, its completely absorbing. Just some artwork today, enjoy. 

Words from a man who runs madly across the twilight's tightrope.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

High gear.

The number 17 which is of no consequence, has somehow made me feel incompetent and slow. I refuse to allow such a speed any longer. After returning a pre-damaged desk and building the new one, I found myself swamped with busywork. To my delight, I was actually ordered to solve a riddle at some point. The many things I'd like to get done are on hold, but here's something I found time to update and edit.

This is a pixel ID. It is a meme from from almost a year ago. Basically create a fighter, and give him stats and a catch phrase.

Words from a man who sleeps upon the mangled corpse of destiny.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Since a few of you asked I decided to dedicate a post to defining XNA.(The sprite chapter is really long)

XNA originally stood for Xbox New Architecture, but no longer, as Microsoft is a whimsical beyotch. It's an engine/language built around the language of C# for students and indie developers. Currently at version 4.0 it can be used to produce a pc, xbox live arcade, or windows phone game, with relatively little changes to the code to change between mediums.

If your interested in XNA and are currently a college student, check with your IT or Computer Science department about their affiliation with Dreamspark. It's an outreach program from Microsoft to provide students with the software to get started with XNA and several other programs (normally they charge about $80 for their studio program and an additional yearly charge for *platinum live membership for as long as your producing.

Words from a man who stared down every star in the sky.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scattered Things

Finished my first program in XNA today, nothing major at all, images and basic window commands, came up with a short tune, and am still searching for a decent 3d modeling program. Any recommendations? Elsewhere I've been burning the midnight oil with Mass Effect 2. Definitely a game to be picked up. Decisions from game one, will affect the soon to come ME3.

Words from a man who breathes destiny and shits marbles.

Monday, January 17, 2011

These impressive machines!

Hello again, AI is the topic of interest, and I'm sharing the latest battle I've had with one.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, a good looking title for the PSP contains a couple megabytes of data that is ridiculously difficult to defeat.

Check out the video detailing the battle, the user here hacked their game to show off the boss's abilities, as just one combo or ability immediately kills or leaves the player with a single hp. Healing spells also increase the likelihood of him stopping time and healing himself.

0:56 User would be dead here.
1:07 User second death. (I'll stop listing deaths)
1:30, Boss splits into four separate entities, all capable of using any of his abilities thus far until hit.
2:00 he stops time to heal himself, rendering you unable to counter at all.
3:20 he uses an aero ability that drops all your attack/healing commands all across the battlefield rendering you unable to counter.
4:10 charging flame pillars.
4:48 seconds instant death ability.
5:25, multiple homing lasers.
5:52 he becomes completely invisble and untargetable for the remainder of the battle.
6:30 launches an ability that auto-kills upon its 3rd use, if you can button mash like a motherfucker.

Once again, this video shows a character with infinite hp, having difficulty just trying to find an opportunity to get a hit in. This boss has been one of the most impressive I've seen for any game thus far.
Took me a nearly two hours to defeat this bastard, the AI reacts slightly less efficiently toward aggressive players, there's also a smaller circled area within the arena that gives you more openings after this bastard's combos. That's all for nao, Zzz

Words from a man who spat upon the universe and subsequently wiped his face.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Books. BOOKS

This year has picked up rather quickly, as though all the world is out to make me busy. Writing a disk from a downloaded file needed for a separate download all to finish an installation. Came up with a list of masks for megacon, hope to god I can commit and complete them all.

Metal Mario Mask
Keaton Mask
Bunny Hood*
Goron Mask
Zora Mask
Deku Mask
Drunk Emote
Angry Emote
Expressionless Mask
Garrus Scar Mask
Gir Mask
Pikachu Mask
Tobi Mask
Kakashi Mask
Troll Face Mask

Off to destroy dasboot


Friday, January 14, 2011

Foreplay, dem ears

Greetings and the like ppl, I've been fiddling with music this afternoon, and I've finally come up with a short for a future eroge, not all too unrelated to Magna.Its just one of the few so far. Off to have myself a drink.

Words from a man who punched an abstract concept into and swiftly out of this world.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blippity, bleep blooop

Greetings and the like ppl, I've been fiddling with music all afternoon, and I've finally come up with a short. But I can't really get it uploaded, damn blogger...

Well here's a shirt design based on the silent box office hit Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. For the unaware, it was based on an American manga, and has a shit-ton o retro gaming references. This is a design I made for myself (gurren lagann), and I'd like to make another, so first comment to mention something I find applicable, will be the next design I work on. =P

Words from a man who stands between east and west.

Hello Again World!

I'm just some guy with a bunch of ideas who likes video games. I'll talk about either or both in the posts I leave here. I've played nigh long since birth, game concepts are inspirational materials. I'm a fan of hardcore gaming, in the sense of difficulty and AI design. I despise time wasters (wow, most mmos).
I like to draw, code, write, mold, craft, and compose, you'll prob see some posts related as time goes by.

 Well this is it Terca Mundo, Here's a rough design to start this blog with fresh life, its part of my magnum opus, Project Magna, look at it you bastards!

Words from a man who quelled the flames of hell with a rusty bucket.