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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zanarkand Abes Take The Spira Cup!

Tonight's Blitzball finals pitted the Besaid Aurochs against their dreaded rivals the Al Bhed Psyches! In what can be called a monumental standstill neither side scored a single goal the entire game. That is until the last two minutes of the second half, where the Abes star player Tidus scored the only goal of the night with his Magnificent Jecht Shot Mark III. A stunning backflip out of the field and he sent the ball flying into his opponents before ricocheting it into the goal. This is Tidus's first year playing with the Aurochs, let alone the first year he's played professional blitzball. Needless to say he's caused quite an uproar in the stands and on the field since his arrival. Both MVP and holder of the game-winning shot, all of Spira looks forward to seeing him next season.


Words from a man who awaits summer to continue his XNA ventures. -_-;