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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time is a douche, but hey I'm back >P

Working on a drinking card game. Gonna release a little beta example once the cards are finished.

Finally broke through the next chapter of XNA. I've made moving objects, animated them, controlled them via keyboard/mouse/xbox controller and set a vibrate function to indicate when the object is moving at its fastest speed. Covered collisions so basically when you move your ball into the black ball of death, the game ends.

Progress bitches! Now I'm off to reanimate the Harlem globetrotters with my newfound superpowers.

Words from a man who dived to the bottom of a bottomless pit and combined momentum and his sheer awesomeness to fly back out.

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  1. Fuck man.
    You know everybody's informing.
    El Salvador to Yemen.
    Marc gives up NNSHIP with DISNEY- MEESE- SCHAR.
    They going after LIZ!