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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blippity, bleep blooop

Greetings and the like ppl, I've been fiddling with music all afternoon, and I've finally come up with a short. But I can't really get it uploaded, damn blogger...

Well here's a shirt design based on the silent box office hit Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. For the unaware, it was based on an American manga, and has a shit-ton o retro gaming references. This is a design I made for myself (gurren lagann), and I'd like to make another, so first comment to mention something I find applicable, will be the next design I work on. =P

Words from a man who stands between east and west.


  1. Scott pilgrim i love that guy shame the movie skipped so much plot tho

  2. My friends all saw that movie, but I've never seen it. Guess it's time to rent it.

  3. sick design man, feeling it, i play that arcade game all the time on XBL, cant go wrong with it, girls even wanna play

  4. Cool design. Work out all the details and finishing touches and your set! Would love to see it posted here if you update the image!

  5. We'll call it Launchpad McQuack (That's not the name of the design.)

  6. good post. I'll be following.

  7. thats pretty cool
    but try again :)
    make sure to check out my blog

  8. Weeelllll... I like what you're referencing here, but it definitely doesn't look finished.
    I can't really tell what it says/is, and it needs to be filled in, or have the strokes be thicker.
    I'd suggest redoing this design in Adobe Illustrator (that is if you plan on doing anything with this design) and it will look much more complete.