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Monday, January 17, 2011

These impressive machines!

Hello again, AI is the topic of interest, and I'm sharing the latest battle I've had with one.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, a good looking title for the PSP contains a couple megabytes of data that is ridiculously difficult to defeat.

Check out the video detailing the battle, the user here hacked their game to show off the boss's abilities, as just one combo or ability immediately kills or leaves the player with a single hp. Healing spells also increase the likelihood of him stopping time and healing himself.

0:56 User would be dead here.
1:07 User second death. (I'll stop listing deaths)
1:30, Boss splits into four separate entities, all capable of using any of his abilities thus far until hit.
2:00 he stops time to heal himself, rendering you unable to counter at all.
3:20 he uses an aero ability that drops all your attack/healing commands all across the battlefield rendering you unable to counter.
4:10 charging flame pillars.
4:48 seconds instant death ability.
5:25, multiple homing lasers.
5:52 he becomes completely invisble and untargetable for the remainder of the battle.
6:30 launches an ability that auto-kills upon its 3rd use, if you can button mash like a motherfucker.

Once again, this video shows a character with infinite hp, having difficulty just trying to find an opportunity to get a hit in. This boss has been one of the most impressive I've seen for any game thus far.
Took me a nearly two hours to defeat this bastard, the AI reacts slightly less efficiently toward aggressive players, there's also a smaller circled area within the arena that gives you more openings after this bastard's combos. That's all for nao, Zzz

Words from a man who spat upon the universe and subsequently wiped his face.


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  2. This game looks sick, very competitive ;D

  3. I love the previous Kingdom Hearts game, and from the looks of it, I now have to try this one out too.

  4. I've never played kingdom hearts but i've always wanted to. I'm scared of playing it now after seeing that video, lol.

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  6. Never liked these games, looks really hard too

  7. loved these games! haven;t played this one b4