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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Since a few of you asked I decided to dedicate a post to defining XNA.(The sprite chapter is really long)

XNA originally stood for Xbox New Architecture, but no longer, as Microsoft is a whimsical beyotch. It's an engine/language built around the language of C# for students and indie developers. Currently at version 4.0 it can be used to produce a pc, xbox live arcade, or windows phone game, with relatively little changes to the code to change between mediums.

If your interested in XNA and are currently a college student, check with your IT or Computer Science department about their affiliation with Dreamspark. It's an outreach program from Microsoft to provide students with the software to get started with XNA and several other programs (normally they charge about $80 for their studio program and an additional yearly charge for *platinum live membership for as long as your producing.

Words from a man who stared down every star in the sky.


  1. hmm didn't know this had anything too do with the xbox interesting

  2. Dang! Haven't been a student for 20-ish years!

  3. wow never knew that, guess theres more to see from a developmental point of view

  4. Quite interesting, thanks for the info!

    Don't forget to check and support often your local information hot-spot!

  5. didnt knew! thanks!

  6. xna...I always thought of another source of xbox arcade game making.

    Can't remember it though :(

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  8. Ah, that clears things up a bit. I was almost ready to google it.

    Almost, lol.

  9. A couple semesters ago I took an "Intro to Game Design." We mostly learned about the business of it... Wish they had something like this!

    I follow all who follow me.